Updated: Sep 2, 2019

HR and payroll specialists CRS Technologies and Microsoft partners DAC Systems have integrated employee master data and leave balances into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent solution, a first of its kind in the market.

“Combining the respective strengths of these organisations, we have developed an innovative solution that will greatly enhance how HR and payroll departments manage the talent in organisations,” says Ian McAlister, General Manager of CRS Technologies South Africa.

This partnership enhances the D365 for Talent solution to simplify the process and pitfalls of dealing with the human factor legally and fairly. Elements such as the drafting of policies and procedures encompassing equity policies, disciplinary codes, leave entitlement, and retirement terms are all instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of HR and payroll departments.

Additionally, D365 for Talent enhances the recruitment process by streamlining the developing job specifications, assisting with screening, conducting reference checks, managing the pre-interview process, as well as conducting background checks and psychometric testing.

“We are especially excited by the introduction of this payroll functionality as it links the system into the financial back-end of the organisation to make all aspects around this as seamless as possible. Being the first in the market to develop this feature, CRS and DAC are leading the field when it comes to HR and payroll integration between CRS and D365 for Talent. The user-friendly design ensures talent practitioners can work more strategically with the solution, automating much of the manual, admin-intensive features,” says McAlister.

With this payroll integration, D365 for Talent extends its functionality beyond traditional HR management to provide a complete value proposition for HR and payroll departments. Additional components and features will be rolled out later.

“This solution is designed to improve aspects of the HR and payroll function inside organisations. Furthermore, our personalised approach means D365 for Talent can be customised to suit the needs of any business, irrespective of industry,” concludes McAlister.