The global manufacturing industry has experienced significant disruption over the last two years. This has seen many manufacturers reconsider how they leverage technology, especially their mission-critical manufacturing systems. For them, it is about becoming more responsive to the changes needed to drive business growth in 2022 and beyond.

DAC Systems and First Distribution will be discussing the challenges of this environment as well as the opportunities to address them using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. They are hosting a one-hour webinar at 10:00 on 24 November.

“Regardless the size of their manufacturing operations, decision-makers need to have confidence in their system and its data to get the right insights as quickly as possible to affect meaningful change in a digitally-driven environment. Manufacturing is complex and the biggest challenge faced is having sight of real-time data,” says Gary Regan, Chief Operations Officer at DAC.

Without it, a business can experience costly overruns, defective products, poor scheduling, and late deliveries. Customers are more connected than ever and have higher expectations of supplier performance, which results in higher churn and a negative impact on your brand.

“Whilst manufacturing systems can be intimidating for smaller manufacturers, this does not have to be the case. If anything, trying to manage multiple business systems patched with Excel spreadsheets is more difficult than using an integrated ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.”

Manufacturers get visibility of their inventory, supply chain, and customer data by leveraging the Microsoft ecosystem. This contributes significantly to optimising the production cycle, and to delivering products and services faster than ever.

“Another benefit of adopting the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is that manufacturers can ensure they walk the tight line when it comes to inventory and warehousing because excess and obsolete stock is costly. By managing inventories based on customer demand, manufacturers can significantly reduce costs and invest in resources dedicated to growth,” adds Gary.

Traditionally this kind of data and control was available only in expensive, high-end systems. But with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that has changed. Now, manufacturers of all sizes have affordable and fast access to a user-friendly environment that deals with their pain points and enables them to grow at an accelerated pace.

“During the webinar we will show you how to gain easy access to real-time data to better manage your manufacturing processes.  We will also show you how to understand the impact of unforeseen events such as loadshedding, replan and communicate with you customers in a quick and easy fashion. In addition, you will see many other integrated functions such as the seamless management of your supply chain. The webinar will highlight how you can get a holistic view of your inventory and predict stock replenishment using Business Central.”

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