Nintex Workflow

Visually plan, map, and manage your business processes with tools process owners and participants love to use

Define the processes that can make the most impact to your organisation.

Design simple process maps in collaboration with others in your organisation.

Share and get feedback from other team members to optimise processes.

Complete business process mapping
Establish total visibility and control over your enterprise processes with Nintex Promapp®. Use visual process mapping software to encourage company-wide collaboration, increase accountability, and improve your processes—all with one easy-to-use platform.

Real collaboration across your business
Engage your whole business in the process improvement conversation with Nintex Promapp®. From IT to the line of business and in every team, easy-to-use visual tools make it simple to capture feedback and improvements, while investing in process excellence from the ground up.

Process collaboration that works

Drive a culture of process excellence by gathering feedback and improvements directly from the people who use the processes every day.

Keep process information up-to-date with one-click feedback and immediate dashboard notifications for relevant stakeholders.

Keep the entire improvement conversation visible to ensure full accountability with a clear audit log of the changes made and suggested.

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