Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is the online enterprise resource planning solution for businesses looking to engage with customers on a global scale. It provides core functionality across operations to enable smarter business decisions.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is a trusted, efficient, innovative and insightful application that powers the digital transformation of business operations. It provides global scalability and digital intelligence to help you grow at your own pace.

With smarter and more connected operations Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides strategic, data driven operational insights and all you need information across the organisation. You can accelerate business activities while leveraging global scalability and digital intelligence capabilities in the cloud.

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management you can reduce operating costs and rapidly respond to changing business needs in today’s highly dynamic and competitive world. The Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management’ user experience can be deployed on any device that runs a modern browser.

This allows the business processes enabled by Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to leverage the full range of services, development tools and devices on the Azure platform.

Capabilities include:

  • Resolve product quality issues and accelerate time to market
    Accelerate innovation and respond quickly to quality issues, changing customer specifications, and obsolete parts to ensure compliance and mitigate delays.

  • Gain planning agility to fulfil customer demand
    Predict demand using AI and deliver products on time by planning supply and production in near real time, ensuring the right resources are in the right place.

  • Optimise stock and logistics
    Improve delivery by using predictive analytics to optimise and automate stock, warehousing, fulfilment, material sourcing, and supply chain logistics.

  • Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations
    Build agile factories and manufacturing processes with predictive technologies, IoT, and mixed reality to improve throughput, quality, and delivery while reducing costs.

  • Maximise asset uptime and lifespan
    Reduce equipment downtime, improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and maximise longevity by performing proactive maintenance.

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