Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Historically HR was thought of as a people’s department but in reality, it was largely focused on tedious mountains of administration that was critical to business, but repetitive with a large administrative burden.

The digital transformation has changed the face of HR, bringing it closer to business with a more proactive role. With good system support to manage the more tedious parts of the job i.e the administration and the critical statutory and legal boxes that HR need to check, the people in the HR Department are now able to focus where they should: on people, company culture and supporting business in driving a unified strategy.

The HR Department is a vitally important business unit that needs to align with business imperatives and deliver innovative talent solutions. It creates, recruits for and drives a culture that is focused on the goals handed down from top management, ensuring delivery in a collaborative manner that engages every employee.

Simply put, HR keeps everyone’s eyes equally on all the balls on the field by enabling a balanced overall focus and, as a result, a healthy, engaged company culture. HR today needs to deliver to a multigenerational workforce that requires more flexible work options. That means you need to be agile in adapting human resource practices to meet the needs of the business AND the workforce.

Decentralised work environments and the international move to online teaming have made this more complex. HR needs the tools to be able to support every manager in their decision making and their management conversations with their teams.

User friendly reports that give the manager a high-level dashboard summary of team performance and also the detailed information necessary to make informed business decisions is a critical differentiator. By providing this, the HR strategic focus becomes collaborative and transparent, actively engaging all levels. In the process your company’s strategy is subtly driven with almost every engagement.

Improve your management by providing them with a platform and process that encourages regular, healthy management conversations. Protect your business from human error with intelligently driven business processes.

It is time to strategically attract, empower and optimise your organisation to achieve high impact and sustainable business results. In short, invest in your organisation’s ability to flexibly meet the complex demands of the new world we are living in with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Dynamics 365 HR’s integration into the Microsoft platform ensures a familiarity and multi-layered sophistication that is unbeatable.

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