Dynamics 365 Finance and AP Automation


Effortlessly create vendor invoices from images using AI in Dynamics 365 Finance with AP Automation.

Automate the integration of imported invoices into your workflow using AP Automation with Dynamics 365 Finance.

Capture invoices with confidence using the advanced OCR features of Dynamics 365 Finance with AP Automation.

Streamline your accounts payable with AI innovation

Invoice processing is one of the most effective ways of streamlining accounts payable (AP) processes. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and AP Automation, you can radically improve this to be more efficient.

How it used to work

Traditionally, companies had to rely on a third-party OCR provider to process their paper invoices. They would then receive machine-readable invoice metadata together with a scanned image of each invoice.

The final step entailed building a solution that would enable the integration of all this into the invoice system. Costly, time-intensive, and complex are three words associated with this.

However, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and AP Automation, this is now included out of the box. And, as the name suggests, the entire process is automated.

What it does

  • Automatically apply prepayments to vendor invoices.

  • Automatically submit imported invoices to the workflow system.

  • Match product receipts to pending vendor invoice lines.

  • Simulate posting before a vendor invoice is posted.

  • Quickly and efficiently view workflow and automation history.

  • View and analyse the results of automating vendor invoice processing.

  • Resume automated processing for multiple invoices.

Capture invoices with confidence

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and AP Automation also include Invoice Capture:

  • Leverages machine learning and OCR to accurately extract key information from invoices. For example, vendor name, invoice number, due date, and line-item details.

  • Integrates with other modules within Dynamics 365, such as Accounts Payable and General Ledger, to enable the automatic transfer of invoice data into relevant financial systems.

  • Automate the routing and approval processes for invoices, ensuring faster processing and minimizing delays.

  • The system automatically matches invoices with purchase orders, and contracts, flagging any discrepancies for review, and streamlining the exception-handling process.

Take your invoice processing to the next level with DAC Systems and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance with AP Automation. Join DAC Systems in unlocking the full business potential of invoice automation in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance environment. Our local expertise, combined with Microsoft’s world-leading edge AI technology, can help you save time, become more efficient, and ensure a seamless invoice process. Contact us today to explore how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance with AP Automation can equip your organisation with a fully automated invoicing solution.

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