Strategic Advisory

DAC Systems has helped many companies with their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategies, be it a clean slate strategy or a strategic review of an existing strategy. We are experienced in many methodologies and can tailor a suitable methodology to fit your organisation. Deliverables can include an Information Systems Master Plan (ISMP), Enterprise Architecture, Systems Architecture, Technology Architecture, Systems and Technology Roadmaps and more.

Solution Assessments

Deployment planning services provides in-depth assessments and planning to help you implement or upgrade your enterprise resource planning or customer engagement solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Engagements can help you review your business processes and understand what it will take to implement a Microsoft Dynamics solution that meets your specific requirements.

During the engagement we will identify the most suitable implementation path, create a custom implementation plan and deliver a proof of concept, depending on the engagement, to help you assess the solution’s benefits. The output from this activity is the ability to realise more value from your IT investment and streamline your business solution implementations.

Solution Architecture, Design & Implementation

We offer a detailed solution definition, architectural design and implementation service.

This involves:

  • the analysis of business requirements and existing systems and applications to provide a recommendation for modifications or renewals

  • the definition and documentation of requirements for data elements, data security, data assurance, workflow, user roles, infrastructure, external system interfaces, audit trails and controls, reports, dashboards and other outputs

  • the definition and documentation of requirements for system stability, scalability and availability

  • the evaluation of current or emerging technologies to consider factors such as cost, portability, compatibility and usability

  • the review and analysis of system specifications to determine whether all required elements have been included

  • the configuration of systems to documented requirements and

  • the testing of systems on unit, functional module, system and integrated solution levels


Project Management

We offer a project management service via skilled and experienced project managers to ensure that customer IT tasks are delivered on time, within budget and according to all quality requirements.

Projects are delivered using best practice project management processes. Dependent on client requirements and the project at hand, these are typically either a PMBoK aligned methodology, Prince2, Agile or SureStep. However, for enterprise resource planning implementations we utilise Microsoft’s SureStep methodology. The Microsoft Dynamics SureStep Methodology is a comprehensive customer engagement methodology describing the processes and disciplines necessary to implement Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning solutions.

Because implementations have many similarities across these products, SureStep has been structured as a general methodology with a product specific layer for each product. It’s content consists primarily of prescriptive phase by phase and activity by activity descriptions for completing an implementation. It also includes information on the Project Management discipline. The product specific content is represented using tools, templates and hyperlinks to materials that can be found outside of the tool.

Business Analysis

Business analysis includes the development of new client business processes or the analysis of current processes in order to optimise where necessary. Once optimum business processes are established, we conduct a gap analysis between these processes and the target solution to identify the solutions fit to the client’s business. A business blueprint is the output from this activity.

Data Migration

We offer a comprehensive data migration service which includes master data and transactional data. Many clients prefer a significant portion of their data history available in their new solution to produce reports on demand where comparisons with previous periods are needed. We analyse the data and design the most effective way to migrate the data to the new solution using either custom scripts or by using tools available to move the data across. While our approach is that data cleansing is the client’s responsibility, we will work closely with you to define measures which will speed up the process.

End User Training

We provide comprehensive end user training as part of the implementation of every new solution to instil system processes and system administration activities into the user base. This ensures that system adoption is guaranteed as users will have the necessary confidence to complete their daily tasks using the new solution.

Change Management

The implementation of enterprise wide solutions affects every facet of business because of the pervasive nature of financial processes and data embedded in all aspects of a business. Business management and users need to buy into anticipated changes from the very start.

Our specific and carefully crafted approach will ensure that employees at all levels are drawn in from the outset and are able to raise concerns and provide input.

This involves establishing a change management group that includes representatives from the user groups. For corporate change to succeed it requires full buy in from senior management sometimes represented by the functional stream leads of each of the primary functions.

Custom Development & Integration

We offer custom development services to modify existing systems, develop new features within existing systems, integrate existing systems to 3rd party applications and develop new systems from the ground up.

Most of today’s systems are built on extremely functional components created by system vendors. There are however many scenarios where “out of the box features” aren’t adequate so an entirely new set of functionality is required.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have an in depth understanding of platforms and development environments and this, together with our highly skilled software engineers and developers, enables us to utilise them accurately and effectively for each unique requirement or feature.

Support Options

We offer support and maintenance services that address the entire life cycle of a system or your entire environment. Ranging from Ad-Hoc Support Agreements to fully fledged Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and ending with perfectly tailored Managed Services.

Ad-Hoc Support Agreements are more suited for those that need the security of knowing they have access to expert skills in their back pocket should they ever need them. The service is generally re-active in nature (i.e., you yell and we arrive) and is provided against a best-effort agreement. Services can be tailored to your requirements and is generally an extremely cost-effective mechanism to have access to relevantly skilled professionals.

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are more structured and formal. With Key Performance Metrics defined in the agreement, we give our all to ensure that they are exceeded at every turn. Resourcing capacity is kept available to ensure speedy action and as such these agreements are generally retainer based. When you need someone yesterday, or have a regular need for support and assistance, this is the most cost-effective way to get premium resources at pre-defined turn around times.

Our portfolio of support services typically include:

  • Help desk issue logging and reporting

  • Software version control and update notification and application

  • Onsite or remote consultants

  • Proactive system maintenance

  • System enhancement and optimisation

  • On the job and refresher training

  • Corrective actions

  • New report and dashboard development

Managed Services

Focus on your core business and let us take care of all (or part) of your IT environment. Our Managed Services Agreements can be tailored to meet your unique requirements, ensuring that your organisation can focus on what matters and not being bogged down or hampered by dysfunctional IT environments.

We are able to advise on, supply, implement and maintain world class IT capabilities to support your business in the best way possible.

Our portfolio of managed services includes:

  • Strategic Advisory

  • IT Roadmap planning

  • IT Budget Planning

  • M365 Managed Services

  • Bespoke Service Level Agreements and all the services they cover

The areas typically addressed are:

  • IT Platform (i.e. All connected devices, Servers, Networks (WAN and LAN), Firewalls, etc)

  • Productivity and Collaboration (i.e. Email, Telephony, Office Suite Software, Electronic Document and Records Management, Remote Working Capabilities, etc)

  • Back Office Systems (i.e. Financial, HR, Payroll, etc.)

  • Line of Business systems (i.e. Project Management, Customer Engagement and Relationship Management, Resource Management, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Warehousing, etc.)

Contact us today and we can start defining the service that would best suit your business and take it to new heights.

Nintex Training

Nintex is the global standard for process management and automation. Our small-group approach sees experienced DAC consultants deliver focused and customisable training (virtual and physical) to architects and developers who want to design, build, and maintain their own Nintex-based solutions.