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Digital transformation is changing the role of HR.  The HR mandate is no longer just about finding job candidates with a certain set of skills and experience–it’s about finding the right experience, the right skills AND the right fit for the company culture. HR cannot remain a department that functions in a transactional or even interactional manner – it is a vitally important business unit that needs to align with business imperatives and deliver innovative talent solutions.

HR now needs to deliver to a multi-generational workforce that requires more flexible work options. That means you need to be agile in adapting human resource practices to meet the needs of the business AND the workforce.  Practically speaking, HR’s role is expanding beyond the traditional focus on talent management, process, and transactions.

It’s time to strategically attract, empower and optimise your talent to achieve high-impact and sustainable business results.

The competition for scarce talent is fierce. HR leaders need to create a compelling employer brand to attract candidates and streamline the hiring process to suit candidates, hiring managers and the business. It is imperative to cultivate talent pipelines that shorten the time-to-fill high priority roles.

Attrition is expensive, as are unengaged, unproductive employees. HR leaders need to create an engaging experience across the employee lifecycle, from seamless onboarding to constructive performance coaching with customised options for career development.

Dynamics 365 for Talent enables you to build personalised experiences across all talent touchpoints, starting even before they become employees.

Dynamics 365 for Talent helps you empower people to achieve by giving them proven processes, familiar tools and intelligent guidance to take the next best action – and then they can do their best, impactful work. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent you can streamline provisioning and training processes, while helping the newest hires to make critical connections that are required to hit the ground running.

Dynamics 365 for Talent puts people at the center of digital transformation to deliver a cost-effective and connected talent experience. It offers a single location for employees to view and update their personal information, as well as see upcoming courses and reviews. Employees can also view any items that have been assigned to them and review their compensation, etc. Managers can view their organisations from a single workspace, including summaries of their team with detailed information related to the positions, compensation, and performance goals for each team member.

The Dynamics 365 for Talent user experience can be deployed on nearly any device that runs modern browsers, making it accessible to a wide range of mobile and desktop devices.

Mobile Interface
The Mobile interface enables you to do business anywhere, anytime on any device by offering a seamless user interface that is consistent across devices and form factors.

Task-based Mobile Apps
With the cloud service’s support for mobility, you can configure business processes with off-the-shelf apps, do more with your data using customised in-house apps, and even build native apps that focus on customer-facing needs. Activity-based mobile applications enable you to keep your workforce productive on their mobile device while they are on the go. Your employees can complete commonly repeated tasks (for example, create and edit appointments, update opportunity list, update contact records, and process and approve expenses) via the first-party mobile apps on their preferred mobile device, keeping your employees efficient in the field.

Innovate Business Models
Enable your business and find new business models to perform local or remote point-of-sale from any device.

Allows faster and easier innovation: an integrated finance and operations solution that is adoptable to your business needs and enables you to grow at your pace

It closes the gap around all aspects of the HR process, helping companies to not only find, interview, and appoint the right people but also empower and retain current employees with the ongoing skills development needed to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Dynamics 365 for Talent enables the HR team to:

  • Build accurate candidate profiles, conduct collaborative interviews and improve the return on investment of the hiring process;
  • Enable a seamless onboarding experience that accelerates the productivity and business impact of new appointments; and
  • Streamline HR management and provide cost-effective programmes to maximise retention.

From talent and workforce management all the way through to core administrative HR management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent provides you with the foundation needed to take your employees on a digital journey that keeps your business at the forefront of innovation.

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