Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Leading ICT solutions and services provider DAC Systems has transformed the SharePoint environment at its client Proconics, an established Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering focused project specialist, through the implementation of what is popularly known as the EDRMS onDemand approach.

Proconics was established in 1995 and has over two decades refined its business operation and used its experience with petrochemical industry giants like Sasol to streamline service delivery.

As a global company, with a footprint that covers South Africa, Australia and the Middle East, Proconics has depended extensively on cutting-edge technology infrastructure like SharePoint as the nucleus of its project management and service delivery strategy.

According to Robert Theron, Discipline Manager: Automation & IT at Proconics, the company’s SharePoint environment was not running as smoothly as it should.

“We had customised the creation of our project sites using scripts, but the process was long-winded and created multiple folders and content that was not always used. The amount of data the template created per project was also unnecessary,” said Theron.

Proconics was looking to partner with a service provider with the technical expertise, market experience and resources to assist in the management of content – specifically in terms of project documentation and the creation of project sites using out-of-the-box SharePoint features.

EDRMS onDemand

DAC Systems had the solution that ticked all the boxes for Proconics.

The Gauteng-based ICT solutions and services partner has moulded SharePoint’s Document and Records Management features to suit local conditions and empower organisations with the dynamics of Microsoft-technology driven project and process management.

DAC Systems’ EDRMS onDemand four-step approach entails:

  1. Architecting the solution, followed by
  2. Getting the content types loaded into the Content Type Hub, then
  3. Assisting with Search and the use of Metadata Navigation and finally,
  4. Providing Functional and Technical support

“Knowledge transfer is paramount to the DAC Systems approach, “says Regomoditswe Kgomongwe, Senior Technical Consultant from DAC Systems. “It is an ongoing process throughout execution of the project.”

Having brought DAC Systems on board, Proconics dedicated their staff to the project, availing themselves for full day workshops at a time, while knowledge sharing was being done.

They were taught how to set up and use all of the EDRMS components in SharePoint 2013 to ensure that all their document governance requirements and other document legal compliance required, were met.

DAC Systems technical staff were on hand and Proconics staff watched and learned as the environment was configured and deployed.

The last step was to get all their current and historic data across from their current environment. This was planned for a weekend with much anticipation by all +-200 Proconics Staff.

“From the start of the project, change management was implemented by the team. By the end of the project, the new environment had been architected to ensure scalability and growth, and the amount of folders and unnecessary content had dramatically decreased,” Theron added.

DAC Systems’ Kgomongwe has full confidence the solution has the capacity to make a short-and long-term impact on the success of Proconics’ operation.

“By following the EDRMS onDemand approach, the environment will cater for all Proconics needs and requirements for years to come,” says Kgomongwe.