The increase in data volume combined with the need to maintain a standardized and sustainable operation is driving the need for businesses to invest in advanced workflow and process management infrastructure.

Dac Systems, a leading distributor of business process automation solutions and local partner of Nintex, is reinforcing the relevance of workflow software to help clients strengthen their automation capability and process management.

The Company stresses the connection between automation and functionality inherent within Nintex workflow products and acquiring agility in business. Agility in this context refers to the positioning of a business to adapt to changing conditions quickly and truly streamline operations to maximise opportunity and mitigate risk simultaneously.

“Clients rely on its software and processes to effectively deal with a large scale service delivery. Nintex Workflow capability is critical to helping clients address challenges with data and process management, in order to enhance operations and provide an even better service,” explains Aldo van Tonder, Solutions Executive at Dac Systems.

Dac Systems continues to serve as its client’s trusted ICT systems partner, a position strengthened by its recent selection as a Nintex Finalist for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) in the Solution Innovation category.

Van Tonder says Nintex solutions are growing in appeal across key vertical industries including retail, corporate, government, manufacturing and finance.

He says the promise of intuitive workflow, functionality as well as its drag-and-drop and mobile capabilities makes this an attractive option for those wanting to maximise Nintex with SharePoint efficiency.

He refers to one example of a recent project that has resulted in a solid return for insurance based financial services provider Momentum, a division of MMI Group Ltd. and one of the many users of the product.

“We are very pleased at the outcome of this Project, one of several in which our client has experienced the full benefit of their Nintex integration and application,” van Tonder adds.