Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Leading ICT solutions and services provider DAC Systems is proud of its long-time support for the community of Shongwe. The technology firm regularly contributes to its CSI initiative, the Shongwe Project, which is used as a vehicle to build houses for previously disadvantaged community members and, at the same time, strengthen the company’s team dynamic.

In August the company utilised donations from its staff members to procure more than a ton of food. This food was repackaged into 50 packs, then transported and distributed to the people of Shongwe.

DAC Systems staff and their families set up camp in Berg-en-Dal Camp inside the Kruger Park, booked almost a year in advance, in preparation for distribution to the community and ahead of the task that lay ahead: to build another brick house in the area. This was the 8th house built by the company, and part of 117 houses overall that have been built through the Shongwe Project.

Kirk Schafer, Director at DAC Systems, explains that the company’s staff made their way to the Thembalethu Care Centre in Schoemansdal and met up with Sally McKibbin who has dedicated 30 years of her life to orphans in the community.

“Everyone was fired up for the Project and we felt even more inspired after a presentation by the Thembalethu Drama Club. With the foundation already laid, bricks were carried to the house while hands – more used to keyboard calluses than building – started making “dugga”. Mixing cement and sand is a taxing task and everyone who partook in the making thereof would definitely have many sore muscles the next day!,” said Schafer.

Schafer added that while building, volunteers hosted the company’s traditional Kids Club to entertain approximately 100 children from the Shongwe area.

“Another team undertook Care Walks, handing out the staff-donated food packs to mostly child-headed households in the area,” he added.

The obvious benefits of donations and a newly built house for the local community aside, Schafer believes the Shongwe Project plays a key role in reinforcing the team dynamic which is well established at DAC Systems.

This is an investment in people, both within the company and in some of the more impoverished communities throughout South Africa.