Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a trusted, efficient, innovative and insightful application that powers the digital transformation of finance and business operations. It provides global scalability and digital intelligence to help you grow at your own pace. With this solution you can:

• Work smarter with connected operations.
• Deliver exceptional customer experiences.
• Expedite your business performance.
• Roll out powerful ERP tools.

From smarter and more connected operations to exceptional customer experiences, strategic, data-driven financial insights, to all-you-need information across business organisations. You can accelerate business activities, while simultaneously leveraging the global scalability and digital intelligence capabilities in the cloud that help you to grow at your own pace. With Dynamics 365 for Operations, you can reduce operational costs and rapidly respond to changing business needs in today’s highly dynamic and competitive world.
The Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations’ user experience can be deployed on nearly any device that runs a modern browser, making it accessible to a wide range of mobile and desktop devices. This allows the business processes enabled by Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to leverage the full range of services, development tools, devices and the Azure platform.

Mobile Interface
The Mobile interface enables you to do business anywhere, anytime on any device by offering a seamless user interface that is consistent across devices and form factors.

Mobile Dynamics 365 provides you with off-the-shelf mobile apps that assist in completing common tasks by leveraging your business processes. Additionally, the cloud service features support for customised apps that do more with your data, whether you’re working from a single data source or multiple data sources. Lastly, you can build native apps with a higher level of complexity that offer a better experience to your customers or leverage mobile capabilities such as GPS or biometric security.

Task-based Mobile Apps
With the cloud service’s support for mobility, you can configure business processes with off-the-shelf apps, do more with your data using customised in-house apps, and even build native apps that focus on customer-facing needs. Activity-based mobile applications enable you to keep your workforce productive on their mobile device while they are on the go. Your employees can complete commonly repeated tasks (for example, create and edit appointments, update opportunity list, update contact records, and process or approve expenses) via the first-party mobile apps on their preferred mobile device, keeping your employees efficient while in the field.

Innovate Business Models
Enable your business and find new business models to perform local or remote point-of-sale from any device.

Affords faster and easier innovation: integrated finance and operations solution that is adaptable to your business needs and enables you to grow at your pace

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