Implementing ERP in 60 days

0-60 Microsoft ERP speed for fast-moving business
Microsoft ERP is an affordable investment into an agile and flexible future, where value is derived in the shortest possible amount of time and employees are immediately engaged and productive. If it doesn’t work for the people and isn’t easy to operate, it won’t deliver. It must be easily used, accessible, visible and dynamic. It must boost employee productivity and directly influence their workplace wellbeing.

The first 60 days implementation are key. In these two months, the business must see an instant return on investment and a significant shift in process, productivity and capability. Over these 60 days there is an 80/20 rule – the first 80% of the project will take place in this time and the remaining 20% in the months that follow. IT is in this 60 days that ‘time to value’ is refined and the organisation begins understanding what Microsoft ERP can do for the bottom line, speed of transactions and real-time reporting capabilities.

ERP should no longer be the complex and expensive tool that alienates the user and lumbers heavily across system and platform. It is now the definitive investment that every organization should make to increase the speed of doing business and driving growth in a customer driven world.

Want your business to accelerate from 0-60? It’s time to ask new questions to ensure your ERP fits the dynamics of your operations. Be prepared to let go of capital draining legacy technology, don’t perpetuate the myths…..and get ready to speed test your business.

0-60 Microsoft ERP


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