Azure Migrate helps you migrate to Azure. Azure Migrate provides a centralised hub to track discovery, assessment and migration of on premise infrastructure, applications and data to Azure. The hub provides Azure tools to assess and migrate third party independent software vendor offerings as well.

A unified migration platform

A range of tools

Azure Migrate Server Assessment

Azure Migrate Server Migration

Azure Migrate Database Assessment

Azure Migrate Database Migration

Use a single portal to start, run and track your migration journey to Azure

Azure Migrate provides native tools and integrates with other Azure services and independent software vendor tools. Select the right assessment and migration tools based on your organisation’s requirements

Use the Server Assessment tool to assess on premise VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines for migration to Azure

Use the Server Migration tool to migrate on premise VMware, Hyper-V and cloud virtual machines and physical servers to Azure

Assess on premise databases for migration to Azure

Migrate on premise databases to Azure.

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