Technology Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a feature-rich offering that empowers users with all the necessary functionality to drive graphic-intensive printing and publishing. From work schedule management to cost and resource allocation, this solution has it all for those environments that need immediate, effective control over multimedia application. Features include scheduling, inventory, communication and post calculation.

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Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Dac Systems offers you a new approach to business. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 provides the ideal platform to share, organise, discover, build and manage your assets, your business. Content can be streamlined and shared, projects and tasks can be organised instantly, teams can be connected and apps on web technologies easily built in the cloud. This is the real power to process business at the touch of a button – and with full control over costs.

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Microsoft Project

Effective project management is all about having access to the right tools. Microsoft Project benefits all stakeholders – Project Portfolio Managers, Project Teams and Project Managers. Individuals can immediately manage all aspects of the project, end-to-end, and teams can easily view tasks, manage timesheets and report on the status of projects, as well as identify opportunities and challenges.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business solution helps you manage sales, productivity and marketing efficiency by integrating realtime business analytics and intelligence. Dynamics CRM draws on the power of mobile CRM apps, platforms, data and reporting to enable mobile-driven customer relationship management in the Cloud, on-premise or with a hybrid combination.

As a Microsoft Certified technology specialist, Dac Systems is ideally positioned to assist customers with the integration and application of Office365. This software is considered game-changing and opens the business up to a range of features and functionality that strengthens its ability to compete. Differentiate the business today!

One of the many reasons Dac Systems is a recognised leader in the market is because of its Nintex Primer Solution. This offering is designed to consolidate the Nintex Workflow and Forms product capabilities into a real-world practical application. We provide full support as you integrate this solution and leverage off these capabilities within your environment – workflow to make work flow!

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