Customer Support

We offer three types of customer support that are designed to meet your needs. This carefully developed support structure will suit your requirements and is applied in accordance with service level agreements.

The various levels of support are Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each level consists of a baseline fee (availability and response) and an hourly VAT exclusive rate based on levels of competency of response skills required.

As a trusted service delivery partner, Dac Systems extends an unrivalled level of support that covers access to helpdesk, newsletter and software updates.

Dac’s portfolio of support services:

  • Access to help desk for issue logging and resolution
  • Monthly newsletter and product update notification
  • Software version control and update notification
  • Monthly helpdesk issue log report
  • Support escalator on all severities
  • Annual strategic review, product roadmap review, site inspector
  • Web-based logging and tracking
  • Dedicated preferred consultant
  • Support escalator on severity directly to company directors
  • Quarterly systems status meeting with Dac Systems Director