Dac Chat – 2015


Dac Chat November 2015

As we near the end of the year there is every temptation to take the proverbial ‘foot off the pedal’ and take a much-needed break, but this is the time to maintain focus and keep ahead of market developments.

So it is natural that as leaders in ICT solution development and integration, we continue to emphasise the need for technology training.

We will conduct Nintex classroom training from 17 to 20 November and course material includes Workflow 2013 and Forms 2013, and which promises to be interactive and interesting.

We encourage all clients and partners to take part in this unique opportunity to delve into Nintex, solutions that are becoming increasingly significant to collaboration and digitisation processes impacting businesses.
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Dac Chat B-DAY Edition 2015

From Chris: We recently celebrated our twentieth year in operation, an important milestone in our development as a client focussed and service-driven unit. Upon reflection and with the benefit of hindsight, we can say with confidence that part of the reason for our continued success in the market is because of our people and our commitment to our clients....

From Gary: The popular adage that time waits for no man is true - it is hard to believe but Dac Systems has been in operation for 20 years! I am immensely proud to be associated with this innovative, progressive company, founded by a group of passionate individuals whose drive has only gained momentum over the years. Recently I shared details of my journey in technology and the story behind the establishment of Dac Systems, which has grown from a modest sized operation to become one of Africa’s most formidable service providers.....
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Dac Chat July/August 2015

In two months Dac systems will have been in operation for twenty years. Although this is an achievement in itself, the fact is that it takes proven expertise, tenacity, skill and tremendous insight to survive an evolving, competitive space like ICT, projects and processes.

Evolution is one of the most significant challenges facing businesses today. Decision makers take on technology to enhance operations, to reduce costs and the complexity of infrastructure management. At the same time technology investment must help businesses keep ahead of trends, like the cloud, Internet of Things, like consolidation and digitisation, in order to secure the return.
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Dac Chat May/June 2015

Training... empowering future technologists. It is well known that South Africa, like many other regions on the continent as well as internationally, is struggling with a shortage of skills - particularly highly sought-after technical skills.

The market is hungry for talented individuals with the necessary technical backgrounds, qualifications and some experience. Training is about empowerment. It is not just about laying a platform for skills development, but also for gaining valuable insight into what is required from people hoping to add value to businesses that are digitally transforming and thereby also promoting skills transfer.
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Dac Chat April 2015

Dac Systems has always emphasised the need for businesses to enhance their project and customer lifecycle management. But whereas in the past this has been an important consideration in business management, today it is essential for any size business to be able to leverage off existing, integrated solutions to enable these areas of business.

Our key message is that the advent of unified communications, growth of the cloud platform and cloud based solutions is providing the critical foundation that enables the integration of systems that offer business value within a very short space of time.......
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Dac Chat March 2015

As we near the final stages of the first quarter and many businesses are turning their attention to HR and the Easter break, it is important to keep focused and continue to reinforce processes and procedures.

Being passionate about projects and the project lifecycle management, the desire to keep plans close and consistently updated is in our blood......
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Dac Chat February 2015

Welcome back... The festive season is done and dusted and a new year lies ahead. We expect a busy and challenging 2015, with a renewed focus on collaborative systems, increased adoption of cloud based solutions and mobility to enhance workflow, as well as project and process management. Today, more than ever, businesses will have to dig deep and prove agile in their acquisition and integration of technology. Security, the Cloud, Internet of Things and data will characterise the commercial landscape going forward.....
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