Dac Chat – 2013


Dac Chat November/December 2013

What a year 2013 has proven to be! The ICT industry and solutions space in particular has once again shown why it may be a lot of things, but dull is not one of them!

We are proud to have contributed meaningfully towards a sector that is alive with opportunity, with challenges and growth. Click here to read more


Dac Chat October 2013

To suggest it has been a rather busy beginning of the last quarter would be understating the situation somewhat. We continue to invest heavily in the development and rollout of solutions, in association with our partners, and we continue to witness the positive impact that our product and expertise – along with our CSR Program – has on the market. It is indeed satisfying to know that the Company is making a difference to the lives of people and communities. Click here to read more


Dac Chat September 2013

As many of our clients (and potential clients) would have noticed, our joint marketing campaign with our partner and fellow industry leader Microsoft, is gathering momentum. Click here to read more


Dac Chat August 2013

As we move ever closer to the last quarter of 2013, the issue of skills availability in the broader ICT market has become increasingly significant. Irrespective of which area of the market a business operates in or what size a venture is, successful trade and profit margins are dependent on people. Click here to read more


Dac Chat July 2013

Dac Systems has partnered with Combined Knowledge Ltd. to generate greater awareness of SharePoint and Nintex education within the South African market.

Dac Systems represents an attractive and credible channel through which Combined Knowledge can increase levels of engagement with this region. Through the partnership Dac Systems will offer the Combined Knowledge portfolio of Nintex and SharePoint courses to South African clients. Click here to read more


Dac Chat June 2013

In this issue of Dac Chat, we look at Bill Buckle, one of our Director’s articles on the intricacies of doing IT in Southern Africa and more. See how Dac has worked in the aviation industry and be a select few that are aware that Dac Systems is now the Official partner for Combined Knowledge. Click here to read more


Dac Chat May 2013

The Siyavula stable incorporates a number of titles focusing on several school subjects including mathematics, science, natural science and technology, as applied within specific school grades. We are very pleased to introduce this value-add to our market because we believe it will present users with a new dimension in e-learning application and related benefits. The convergence of technology with education methodology and approach represents an important space going forward, one that will certainly have lasting implications for the socio-economic climate of the country. It is a space in which Dac Systems continues to explore better and more innovative ways to enhance the overall learning experience. Click here to read more


Dac Chat April 2013

Some of the great ideas in manufacturing that originated in Japan after world war II, became known as “Just-in-Time”, “Lean Manufacturing”, and “Theory of Constraints.”

This led manufacturers to focus on reducing bottlenecks, minimising stock levels and cutting down on machine set-up times and so the Kanban was invented. In essence the Kanban is used to control intermediate stocks in a production line, so that a manufacturer can cut inventory costs and production cycles. South Africa is definitely ready to benefit from these ideas. Dac Systems specialises in Microsoft Dynamics AX, a tier-1 ERP system that allows for the combining of Kanban techniques with the traditional Production Order (MRP II) production scheduling systems, so a manufacturer can both optimise production and consolidate information across all its business processes. Click here to read more


Dac Chat March 2013

Education remains a topic of much discussion and the sector continues to make headlines, often not for the best reasons. Resources and effective application to enhance tuition are serious challenges. Access to technology and the empowerment of learners, educators and parents using solutions is really the only way we can address the digital divide and help the youth of this country compete in markets of the future. To this end we are pleased to introduce and showcase the AlwaysOn-Learning solution and collaborative technology release. We believe this offering will change the way education is experienced and perceived going forward. We expect a consistent and strong response from the market as stakeholders rally to achieve quality education through access to instant, regulated and always available content. Click here to read more

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